What You Need to Know About Master Keying

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June 8, 2017
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What You Need to Know About Master Keying

master key systemsWhat You Need to Know About Master Keying

The master key is a special type of key that is designed to operate multiple locks. The usefulness of this key resides on the ability of the key to open several locks. This is done without needing to carry a huge set of keys. The master key can be useful to managers and store keepers who need to control access to several rooms within a building. It is also important for residential clients so they do not wander into unsafe or hazardous areas in the building.

How does the Master Key Work?

The appearance of the master key is not different from any ordinary key. However, its specialty lies in what locks this key can unlock. Many people think that because they have a single key that unlocks several locks in their homes, they own a master key. However, this is not true. In most cases, you will find that these locks are just keyed alike and therefore, you are not using a master key.

Basically, if you have all the locks in your apartment master keyed, it means that just one key overrides all the other locks in the system.  Thus, you will find that the key for door X will not be used to unlock door Y. However, one master key will unlock both the locks on door X and Y. Additionally, none of the individual keys will function or fit on the locks of these two doors.

The good thing about having a master key is that you can have the home owner accessing all rooms using just one key. However, your gardener will just be restricted to certain rooms in your home. He or she will not be able to open other rooms using the key.

Risks and Requirements

The most dangerous fact about the master key is that if the key is lost, you risk losing everything. This is because the master key overrides all the other locks. The master key requires strict control. If the master key falls into the wrong hands, this is devastating as your property or sensitive information might be leaked out.  Under most circumstances, the master key is used by building owners and when the property ownership changes, they are confiscated by the property owner.

What are the Benefits of Master Keying?

  • It provides greater convenience as a property owner, as managers and also apartment owners can access the buildings easily and conveniently when need be. You won’t have to carry a bunch of confusing keys if you have a master key on hand.
  • You incur reduced cost of key replacement in case you lose some keys. Imagine having a bunch of keys for your apartment and then losing them all. You will be required to replace those keys. This can cost a fortune, but it can be avoided by just ensuring that you have a master key for your home.
  • You will find that you are better organized. Just one or two keys is better to maintain than having a bunch of keys. This is good for a warehouse manager who needs access to different rooms.

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